Frequently asked questions

Commom questions and answers about CLOHC

What is Clohc?

Clohc allows you to interact in real time with visitors of your website, improve ticket management, automate helpdesk tasks and reduce IT requirements as well and customer service staff needs. With Clohc you can completely manage any issue, from the moment they enter our system until their resolution. You can also associate tasks with clients, manage your work team, and chat in real time with them.

With a functional dashboard with can easily consult tickets, chats and pending tasks as well as active visitors on your website. You also have the advantage of not losing any importan information about your customers as Clohc allows you to keep chat and ticket history stored online.

No complicated installations, additional equipments or contracts.

What are tickets?

Customer service through tickets allows you to answer your clients in an organized and timely fashion. In simple terms, a ticket is a service request.

Tickets are registered with all details, with complete history of all communications and what has been done to solve the ticket, since the date of reception until the date of the final solution of the problem.

When a ticket is registered, an e-mail is sent to those responsible for addressing that particular issues and a copy is sent to your customer.

What are triggers?

With Clohc not only can you offer chat in real time, you can also start them automatically. It is possible to define in which situations a chat is started and adapt your messages to attend the needs of your products.

What are agents?

Agents are members of your organization that have access to the dashboard and can reply to tickets and chats from customers. Each agent has its own user account in order to answer to your customer. For every plan, agents can be added.

Is the free plan really free?

Yes, Clohc is available in a free version, however some features are not available in this version.

This is an ideal version for startup companies, our goal is for you to improve your customer relations and to make your business grow.

What payment methods are available?

At the momento we accept payment through PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Can I change my subscription plan at any time?

Yes, to do that you simply have to upgrade to the plan of your choosing. However, if you upgrade to a more advanced plan you will have to pay the price difference between plans.

What happens after the trial period ends?

After the trial period you will be contacted to verify if you to upgrade your plan, if you wish to change to a paid plan you can do so through PayPal or wire transfer.

If you don't upgrade to a paid plan you will still have access to the free version and subject to the limitations of that plan.

How does Live Chat work?

Live chat makes the communication between customer and a agent easy, straight forward and practical by just using any web browser. In a quick way, a customer can start a chat session and get a quick answer to their questions.

To start chatting the customer only needs to supply an email address. The system will add or recognize the email and save the entire conversation in that customers account.

What are tasks (to-do item)?

Tasks can be used to instruct staff or register tasks associated with customer. To add a tasks just click on the button available on your home page.