• Live Chat

    Live Chat

    Chat live with one or more users. Intuitive, fast and engaging communication.

  • Tickets


    Tickets are communications received in the helpdesk context. They are normally entered by the visitor through the widget included on the website, but can also be created manually using the new ticket button included in the dashboard.

  • Dashboard


    The dashboard allows you to view all your work directly. Includes tickets to be answered, visitors chat and a list of website visitors in addition to the to-do list (can also view the already completed).

  • Departments


    You can create departments to better organize your agents, allowing the website visitor to select which department to submit a ticket or chat to.

  • User Management

    User Management

    Manage your companies' users and create new ones.

  • Agent Management

    Agent Management

    Select which of your users do support in your websites and for what departments.

  • Tasks


    CLOHC allows you to create tasks so you never forget anything, you can also configure reminders that you will receive in your email, add notes to tasks and associate customers with them. You can also convert a ticket in a to-do, so you never forget any pending task.

  • Automatic Chat Distribution

    Automatic Chat Distribution

    CLOHC automatically assigns chats to agents that are less busy at the time the chat is initiated, trying to balance the effort of customer support for your agents, but always obeying the criteria specified by the client in the selection department.

  • Triggers


    Triggers allow you to create automatic actions. There are two types of triggers: user triggers are for actions to be carried out with the chat visitors. Company triggers are aimed at the creation of tickets from incoming email communications (in bcc@clohc.com or via IMAP email if configured).

  • History


    CLOHC allows you to view the history of your chat sessions with internal contacts, as well as the history of all communications with your contacts. In the case of the free plan presented history has a period of 15 days.

  • Contact Management

    Contact Management

    Contact management with contact data, notes and history of communication with the contact.

  • Email Log

    Email Log

    After a chat session with a site visitor ends, an email is sent with the chat log to the customer, as well as all agents involved in the session.

  • Email Integration

    Email Integration

    Automatic creation of tickets from email associated with the site. Particularly useful for contact forms on the website.

  • Email Client

    Email Client

    You can send email through CLOHC and create triggers to automatically generate tickets from your email.

  • Email Templates

    Email Templates

    Define message templates for faster email sending.

  • Helpdesk

    Efficient Helpdesk

    With CLOHC software you can manage effectively all requests placed by customers, identify them and distribute them by the most appropriate departments.

  • Invitation


    The agent can take the initiative to contact the visitor, if the name and email data from the client are filled the chat starts, if not the visitors receives a popup with the message of invitation and directions to start the conversation.

  • Send Files

    Send Files

    You can send files both through live chat and through tickets. All files are stored in CLOHC so you can access them wherever you are.

  • Team Livechat

    Team Livechat

    Make business teams more efficient and productive allowing them to communicate between them.

  • Forwarding Tickets

    Forwarding Tickets

    Change the department responsible for the ticket, or the client the ticket is linked to.

  • Chat Redirection

    Chat Redirection

    Add more people or departments to a chat session.

  • Twitter Integration

    Twitter Integration

    Get tickets from twitter and answer from CLOHC.

  • Website Integration

    Website Integration

    Integrate our widget in your website with a simple piece of code to provide live chat and ticket submission to your visitors.

  • Customizable


    The integration widget can be customized to better suit your needs.

  • Time Zones

    Time Zones

    CLOHC fully supports time zone settings that are used to display dates, configure reminders and receive daily task emails, this setting is available in the user profile.

  • ScreenName


    In the user profile you can configure a single display name that will be shown in the chats. This name does not replace the username.

  • Chat Status

    Chat Status

    CLOHC offers three user statuses: online - available for chat, offline- unavailable to chat, invisible - available to chat but not visible in the contact list does not affect the ability to receive helpdesk chats.

  • Statistics


    View your websites' statistics from visitors, to agent performance, whenever you want, wherever you are.

  • Reports


    Every week, a report is sent by email to all administrators of each site with the statistics of the week.

  • Multi-Company


    You can manage several companies in the same account. Free plan only allows one company.